Office 12 XML features available in all editions

Woohoo! This is great news.  Many times I have spoken to ISVs and SIs wanting to build Office 2003 XML integration solutions for the small business market or the education market who were disappointed that the arbitrary XML, Smart Document and VSTO technologies are only available in Office 2003 Professional Edition or standalone versions.  Those with the…


My TechEd Europe Sessions

I have the dates for my TechEd sessions now. WCD351 Programming Word XML Solutions  Wed 6 Jul 12:00Microsoft Office Word 2003 enables a powerful integration between Word documents and XML data streams. See how you can liberate the content of a document for automated processing, document assembly, or reporting. You can now enliven the user’s…


Attatching an XML Expansion Pack to a document programmatically

Avner writes about how to attach a smart document XML Expansion Pack to a document programmatically: Sub AttachManifest()     Dim Namespace As XMLNamespace    Set Namespace = ActiveDocument.Application.XMLNamespaces.Add(“C:\Projects\SD\my.xsd, “My Schema“, “my“, True)    Namespace.AttachToDocument (ActiveDocument)    ActiveDocument.Application.XMLNamespaces.InstallManifest “C:\Projects\SD\manifest_signed.xml”, True         ActiveDocument.SmartDocument.SolutionURL = “C:\Projects\SD\manifest_signed.xml”    ActiveDocument.SmartDocument.SolutionID = “My Schema”    End Sub [This is VBA by the way]


Word 2003 CDK/SDK

It’s been a long time coming…but a week or so back the Word 2003 SDK finally went live.  Back when Office 2003 was at Beta 2 stage there was a Word Content Development Kit (CDK) Beta available with information about developing Word solutions.  Some of the information in that original Beta has since been released…


Hosting Windows Forms controls in the Office Task Pane

OK, here’s a question I hear frequently: I want a richer user interface in my Smart Document task pane than the default controls allow.  I know I can add ActiveX controls in there, but we’ve standardised on .NET as our development platform now.  Can I create a user control in managed code and expose it…


Choosing between InfoPath and Smart Document Solutions

I was asked recently about when it would be appropriate to use InfoPath vs. Smart Documents.  It’s an interesting question as there is quite a degree of overlap between these technologies, so here are my rules of thumb for choosing between them…   Consider InfoPath when: The typical usage scenario is similar to filling in…


Smart Documents @ TechEd

So, TechEd is almost over for another year, and yesterday afternoon I finally got to deliver the first of my two sessions.  I was delighted with the positive feedback and interest in Smart Document solutions.  I’ll be responding to a number of the questions I was asked more fully in this blog over the next…


Help! My CommandBarButton events stop firing

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question I hear when writing managed COM Addins or Smart Docs.  You’ve wired up an event handler to catch button clicks of custom menu items.  They work for the first few clicks but then mysteriously stop working.  What’s going on? The answer is almost always that the CommandBarButton…