The Future of Groove and SharePoint

Some hints from Ray Ozzie this week on the future overlap between Groove and SharePoint: “You asked if Groove is the future UI of SharePoint. I might ask the same thing, is SharePoint the future UI of Groove” Microsoft will increase the connections between SharePoint and Groove by tying together specific functions of the user…


Better Intranet Navigation: Statistically Improbable Phrases

On today, I noticed a feature that David Weinberger mentions in his book, but I don’t think is yet available on Amazon’s UK site.  Books for which they have electronic access to the text have been scanned and effectively auto-tagged.  These tags then become navigational aids to allow you to find books on similar topics.  Two…


SharePoint Designer Workflow Tips

I spent some time this week creating workflows in SharePoint Designer. I have done SharePoint workflows in Visual Studio before, but this was my first time using Designer. I was surprised at how powerful it is, and yet also confused at several points as to how the UI worked. One particular thing I wanted to…


Last Piece in the Jigsaw

I guess I am a little behind the times as this went live a week or so back, but I thought it was still worth calling out that the RTW build of WSS 3.0 Extensions for Visual Studio 2005 is now live. Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS 3.0 This is the last of the…


SharePoint: The Operating System

For a while now I have been using an operating system analogy when explaining SharePoint to complete newbies:  As Vista is our client OS, and Windows Server our data centre OS, you can think of SharePoint as the OS for your intranet.  That’s how fundamental it is to everything Microsoft is doing in the enterprise computing…


Calling Web Services From InfoPath Web Forms

Today I needed to get an InfoPath Forms Services web-form to make a call out to a web service. I was non-too pleased to get a cryptic error message from SharePoint when I tried to do this first-off. SharePoint claimed it had written details of the error to the Windows Event Log, but there was…


Arsenal’s Office & SharePoint 2007 Deployment

It’s been frustrating not being able to write about some of the great projects I have been working on over the past year, but with the launch of 2007 Office system last Thursday I can finally start to talk about some of the work I have been doing.  One of my projects was selected as…


Office and SharePoint Training Material

The number 1 question I get asked at the moment: What training resources are available? Here’s a quick summary: TechNet MSDN Office Developer Center MSDN SharePoint Developer Portal WSS and MOSS ITPro/Developer Clinics are still available WSS 3.0 Development: 3.0 Infrastructure: 2007 Development: 2007 Infrastructure:   Official Microsoft courseware,…


WSS 3.0 is here!

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 RTM is now published and available for your downloading pleasure.  As I write it is ranked the #14433 most popular download.  I wonder where it will be by the end of the week? But the URLs you ask…here they are: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 x86 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 x64 Also…


Free SharePoint Training

For a limited time these self-paced online learning courses are available free of charge: WSS v3 Development: WSS v3 Infrastructure: MOSS Development: MOSS Infrastructure: