Threading, Responsive UIs and the End of the Free Lunch

[…Or Deciding Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Programming Models]   There was a time when software developers had to spend many hours optimising their code – minimizing memory footprint and trying to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the available hardware.  That skill has almost died out now as we developers have come to…


Choosing Between Smart Client and Thin Client Architectures

Great new article from David Hill in the MS Architect’s Journal on choosing between smart client and thin client architecture.  Also discusses the advantaged of using the MS Office applications as a smart client host to your solutions.


Early news on Exchange 12 features

Looks like our execs have started talking about some of the features planned for Exchange 12:


How To Submit Ideas and Suggestions for Microsoft Office Products

Do you have an idea for a new feature or addition to one of the Office products?  Maybe there is something about the way a feature works that really annoys you? Believe it or not, there is a simple way to submit your ideas to the Office team for consideration.  The problem is the web…


Mark your diaries: 2005 PDC

The dates for the 2005 PDC have been announced: 13-16 Sep in Los Angeles. (  This should coincide nicely with the Longhorn Beta 1 release and give a good guide to what you can expect in the final version of the WinFx platform.

BizTalk Blogger’s Guide via Jan Tielens

Jan Tielens writes that the Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk has been released. BizTalk is a product that really interests me. It naturally compliments much of the work that I do with Office and smart client development. After all, once you have InfoPath, Word and Excel documents all represented as XML, what are you going to…

The most annoying thing about OneNote

Don’t get me wrong, I love OneNote, especially now that the SP1 build fixes many of the little annoyances from the initial release.  As a consultant on the road, lugging stacks of paper around just doesn’t work for me and so OneNote has become an essential tool.  As well as meeting notes and plans, I…


Developer Information for WinXP SP2

So, the much awaited Windows XP Service Pack 2 RTMed Friday, and by now should be available to download from the Microsoft Download Centre.  The MSDN site has a comprehensive set of information for developers about the changes introduced in this update.  Use this index page as an inital jumping off point.  I highly recommend…

Lookout for Outlook now available as free download

Following the recent acquisition of Lookout Software, Lookout for Outlook has been made available as a free, unsupported download.  For the uninitiated Lookout is a super-fast search tool for searching across emails, contacts, calendar items and documents on your file system that integrates right into the Outlook UI.  Long term plans for Lookout are to…


Post #1…

I am a developer consultant in the Solutions group of Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK.  I have been with Microsoft for four years, initially as a developer in the Solutions Development Centre where I worked on the Government Gateway project.  Since then I have been working in consulting assisting a variety of customers with technologies…