Office 12 Preview website available

The Office 12 Preview website has just gone live.  Go see Currently it has details from the Office XML file format announcement of last week, plus the ability to register for future updates and access to the Beta version when it becomes available.


Office Developer Announcements at TechEd USA

Today is day 1 for TechEd Orlando.  I hear that their could be some new announcements for Office developers in keynote session this week.  Stay tuned…I’ll post information here as soon as it is available.

New XML File Formats for Office 12

As a number of bloggers have already picked up, yesterday we made a significant announcement about Office 12.  Word, Excel and PowerPoint will get new default file formats based on XML.  The extensions will change from .DOC, .XLS, .PPT to .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX. The new file format is actually enclosed in a ZIP file. Change…


BillG sets the direction for Information Worker platform

  In his latest Executive email Thursday BillG set out Microsoft’s vision for the Information Worker space.  If you want a broad idea of the direction that the Microsoft Office product set is likely to take in the future then here it is.  These were the key items Gates called out: Personal Productivity Pattern recognition…


Microsoft Acquires Groove Networks

Microsoft on Thursday said it will acquire Groove Networks and make Groove’s founder, Ray Ozzie, chief technology officer at the software giant. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Microsoft said it will incorporate Groove’s collaboration software into its Office line of desktop productivity applications. Ozzie, the inventor of Lotus Notes and a collaboration guru,…


Gates and Sinofsky spill the beans on the future of InfoPath

Just been watching more of the BillG keynote from the Office Dev Con.  The second part of the session is a QnA with Bill and Steven Sinofsky.  Bill and Steven made some interesting comments about the future of InfoPath.   Asked by an audience member about the strategic direction for forms technologies, Sinofsky squarely put…


Office 12 to include Workflow Capabilities

After the first murmurings around Exchange 12, a little more Office 12 info is starting to eek out.  InfoWorld reports BillG’s speech at the Office Dev Con last week in which he announced Office 12 is to include built-in workflow capabilities.  Of course if you are an experienced Office-watcher this shouldn’t be any great surprise. …