Jensen Harris is blogging

Jensen is a PM on the Office 12 UX team.  His blog will be focussed on the new UI for Office 12.  Check it out.


Office 12 Screenshots – Part II

More Office 12 UI screenshots and info…     This is Excel 12.  Assuming you are familiar with the basics of the Ribbon from my last post, this screenshot is notable for a couple of reasons.  First you can see an example of the new look charts.  Secondly, take a look at the button labelled…


PDC Keynote Webcast

How have you been getting on with the PDC keynote webcast?  I have been having real trouble getting a reliable connection.  Pictures are lagging way behind the sound, that is when there is any sound.  I guess there must be an awful lot of people trying to watch. I just managed to catch the very…


Office 12 Ribbon Screenshots

Get ready for a surprise…   Today saw the launch of the brand spanking new user interface for Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint: the Office 12 Ribbon.    Before I go any further I have to say that this is very early pre-release stuff.  In fact this is the first time the Office group have…


Just how important is SharePoint to Microsoft?

In this morning’s keynote session Steven Sinofsky told how BillG has personally taken the role of Lead PM on the Windows SharePoint Services v3 User Experience team.  If you are in any doubt about how strategically important this product is to Microsoft, that should give you some clue.  And if you don’t like what you…


Registered and ready to go…TechReady1

Arrived in Seattle late last night after a marathon 21 hour journey.  There are just too many people headed into Seattle this weekend – all the good flights are full.  There were a couple of plus points to the journey.  We got fabulous views of the glaciers of southern Greenland as we came across the…


Office 12: Sneak Peak at Developer Enhancements

The PDC session abstracts have been published, and although they are written in a fairly oblique way (very deliberately I suspect) they still provide an early taster of the fun to come for developers with Office 12.  Forms ServerCreating Browser-Based InfoPath Forms…hosting the server form control in an interactive custom aspx page. [More details on the…


Host InfoPath in a Custom Application

PDC Session abstracts published this week provide good news for many ISVs and partners I have spoken to over the past year or so.  The abstract for a session on InfoPath 12 includes this snippet:   “integrate InfoPath forms into your own application by hosting InfoPath as an ActiveX or WinForm control”   Yes!  This…


Office 12: First Look at ‘Forms Server’ Technology

Last week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Chris Capossela demonstrated a Forms Server technology designed to make XML forms available through the web browser.  Information Week reports that: In what he termed the first public viewing of Office 12, Chris Capossela, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Information Worker Product Management Group, showed off a…


Write Outlook addins with VSTO

If you were watching the TechEd keynote today you’d have seen BJ Holtgrewe and Steve Ballmer announce that Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 will also add suport for creating Outlook add-ins! I don’t normally like snipping from other folks blogs, but Paul Stubbs has summarised all the info so well that there’s no point…