Better Intranet Navigation: Statistically Improbable Phrases

On today, I noticed a feature that David Weinberger mentions in his book, but I don’t think is yet available on Amazon’s UK site.  Books for which they have electronic access to the text have been scanned and effectively auto-tagged.  These tags then become navigational aids to allow you to find books on similar topics.  Two…


Knowledge Network for SharePoint 2007

Announced yesterday at the CEO Summit, Knowledge Network is a free download for Office SharePoint Server 2007. This starts to answer a question I have had from customers many times over the past few years who want to better way to find experts within their organisation. One that springs to mind immediately is a bank…


Farewell Office 12, it was nice knowing you

Hello Office 2007! Branding, packaging and US pricing for the next release of Office were all announced this morning.  All the information you could ever want is right here:


This is one to keep an eye on. Aimed at the small business market this is the Information Worker group’s first foray into online services and will be based sqaurely around SharePoint v3.  Keep an eye on the OfficeLive site to see how the offerings evolve.  


Office 12 XML File Formats begin standardization process

BetaNews reports: International technology standards organization Ecma International voted Thursday to approve the creation of a technical committee to begin looking into standardization of Microsoft Office’s Open XML document format. The effort has been backed by Apple, Intel and Toshiba. The vote to create the committee would have been unanimous, however OpenDocument supporter IBM voted…


OneNote Mobile

A week or so back Chris Pratley let the cat out of the bag on OneNote Mobile. This is a version of OneNote that runs on a Windows Mobile phone and will ship with OneNote 12 next year. What does it do? OneNote Mobile enables you to: Capture and review multimedia notes on your phone,…

Office 12 Beta 1 is out

Overnight Office 12 Beta participants recieved notification that Beta 1 is available for download.  I got my copy installed a few days ago and so far I am impressed with the quality compared to the last public DF4 build.  This is much more stable and performance is way better.  As an indication of the confidence…


Office 12 XML features available in all editions

Woohoo! This is great news.  Many times I have spoken to ISVs and SIs wanting to build Office 2003 XML integration solutions for the small business market or the education market who were disappointed that the arbitrary XML, Smart Document and VSTO technologies are only available in Office 2003 Professional Edition or standalone versions.  Those with the…

Learning the Office 12 UI

I have seen a few posts over on channel9 and a other lists discussing the difficulty of learning a new UI paradigm.  I have had Office 12 installed for about 2 weeks now so I thought I would post my experience of starting to use it.   I don’t work in Office product development.  I…

Office 12 Preview website updated

The Office 12 Preview website has now been updated with more information on yesterday’s PDC announcements.  Good news is that the site now also has an RSS feed: