Calling Web Services From InfoPath Web Forms

Today I needed to get an InfoPath Forms Services web-form to make a call out to a web service. I was non-too pleased to get a cryptic error message from SharePoint when I tried to do this first-off. SharePoint claimed it had written details of the error to the Windows Event Log, but there was…


Office 12: Sneak Peak at Developer Enhancements

The PDC session abstracts have been published, and although they are written in a fairly oblique way (very deliberately I suspect) they still provide an early taster of the fun to come for developers with Office 12.  Forms ServerCreating Browser-Based InfoPath Forms…hosting the server form control in an interactive custom aspx page. [More details on the…


Host InfoPath in a Custom Application

PDC Session abstracts published this week provide good news for many ISVs and partners I have spoken to over the past year or so.  The abstract for a session on InfoPath 12 includes this snippet:   “integrate InfoPath forms into your own application by hosting InfoPath as an ActiveX or WinForm control”   Yes!  This…


Office 12: First Look at ‘Forms Server’ Technology

Last week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Chris Capossela demonstrated a Forms Server technology designed to make XML forms available through the web browser.  Information Week reports that: In what he termed the first public viewing of Office 12, Chris Capossela, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Information Worker Product Management Group, showed off a…


Gates and Sinofsky spill the beans on the future of InfoPath

Just been watching more of the BillG keynote from the Office Dev Con.  The second part of the session is a QnA with Bill and Steven Sinofsky.  Bill and Steven made some interesting comments about the future of InfoPath.   Asked by an audience member about the strategic direction for forms technologies, Sinofsky squarely put…


What’s in a name? The Information Worker, The Knowledge Worker and The Structured Task Worker

The other day I was explaining to a customer about the different types of Information Worker.  Doing a web search afterwards I found very little information available about a bunch of terms we tend to bandy about quite freely without ever really explaining: Information Worker, Knowledge Worker, Structured Task Worker and Data Entry Worker.  I…


How To Submit Ideas and Suggestions for Microsoft Office Products

Do you have an idea for a new feature or addition to one of the Office products?  Maybe there is something about the way a feature works that really annoys you? Believe it or not, there is a simple way to submit your ideas to the Office team for consideration.  The problem is the web…


InfoPath Viewer Sample Updated

I have made a few minor updates to the InfoPath Viewer sample app: Passes user context when downloading XSN files – important if the XSN file is stored in SharePoint Hides command window when running expand.exe More robust when executing expand.exe Download the updated sample Thanks to Omar Shahine and Gerrard for the pointers.


Article: InfoPath Viewer Sample Application

Recently I have heard a number of people (Chris Kunicki and LauraJ for instance) musing why there isn’t an InfoPath viewer application available to allow people without InfoPath installed to be able to see a read-only view of the data from a filled-in form.  I don’t have the answer to that I’m afraid, but I do…


InfoPath 2003 Form Viewer Sample Application

Introduction Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 provides a powerful way of designing and deploying electronic forms to capture information as XML. In order to design, fill-in and view InfoPath forms, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 is required to be installed on each PC. A common requirement is the ability to provide users who do not have InfoPath…