Announcing: The Knowledge Worker Tools Early Adopter Programme

NHS Logo This week we are kicking off the KWT Early Adopter Programme.  If you work in NHS IM&T and you are about to begin a SharePoint 2007 or Office 2007 deployment then read on...


What is KWT exactly?

The Knowledge Worker Tools (KWT) project is part of the NHS CUI Programme. Our aim is to enable improved personal productivity, team work, and effective decision making by connecting the NHS worker with people, processes, information and expertise. The project is based around the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Office SharePoint Server 2007, for which client licences are available to NHS organisations in England as part of the 2007 NHS Enterprise Agreement.

And the KWT Early Adopter Programme...?

This is a structured programme of activities to assist in an initial deployment of Office 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 and the NHS KWT software based on the best-practice NHS KWT guidance.

When does it start?

Nominations are being accepted between 30-Jun-2008 and 17-Jul-2008. The programme of activities for successful applicants begins from 5-Aug.

So far, so good. Tell me more...

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, identify a project that you are planning, or have just started, that you believe will benefit from involvement in the Early Adopter Programme
  2. Complete the short application form attached in the briefing pack
  3. We notify successful candidates by 23-Jul, and arrange a date for an Architecture and Design Session (ADS). This is a day-long workshop used to accelerate the project kick-off and allow guidance from an experienced consultant to be provided early in the project
  4. We lead the ADS with business and technical leaders from your organisation, and where applicable, with technical leads from your chosen implementation partner
  5. We write-up the ADS findings as a Vision and Scope document including the agreed project objectives, core scenarios, and a high-level conceptual architecture for the proposed solution
  6. You, or your chosen partner, write the detailed technical design document(s)
  7. We review the design and provide written review comments
  8. You, or your chosen partner, build, test and deploy the solution
  9. We host a weekly conference call to discuss progress, risks and issues, and provide ongoing technical guidance

What’s in it for me?

  • Early access to the KWT software and guidance deliverables
  • Advice from the NHS CUI KWT team on the best way to apply their software and guidance in your environment
  • Reviews and guidance from Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Telephone-based implementation and deployment support from Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Be promoted as a leading-edge Trust in NHS IT

What will I need to do to take part?

  • You will need to have the business need, benefits and high-level solution concept defined, with a business case written and approved
  • You must be planning to deploy Office 2007 and/or SharePoint 2007 between now and Dec-2008
  • You will need to agree to take part in customer evidence activities such as participating in case studies and agreeing to act as a reference site

What do I do next?

Email for a briefing pack and application form.

Thanks for reading this, and we look forward to working with you on the KWT Early Adopter Programme.

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