Blatant snip from the press release:

Today at TechEd we announced the availability of the Microsoft SDK for Open XML Formats – June 2007 Technology Preview, which will be downloadable for free from the Open XML Developer Center as well as at this URL:  The download package will go live later today.

There will also be an MSDN forum for this SDK available at this URL:

The SDK includes .NET assemblies that provide a programmable object model for the Ecma formats, along with sample code and how to articles. The SDK will enable developers to decrease their development time for scenarios such as:

    1. Creating documents programmatically
    2. Customizing parts within documents
    3. Adding and inspecting custom XML schema within documents
    4. Working with and customizing document properties

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  1. OpenXMLer says:

    Does it have anything to convert old office documents formats like (.DOC,.PPT) to OpenXML and vice versa ?

  2. Mark Bower says:

    To bulk convert legacy Office documents to the new XML formats take a look at the Office Migration Planning Manager.

  3. OpenXMLer says:

    Thanks, Ive checked it out but is there a way to convert between file formats without MS Office on user machine ?

  4. Mark Bower says:

    Your two options are to use the Office client apps on a document by document basis, or to use the bulk migration approach as per the Migration Planning Manager.  Is there a particular reason you want to be able to do this yourself programmatically?

  5. Doug Mahugh says:

    One option is to programmatically call OFC.EXE, the converter program from the Office Migration Planning Manager.  Here’s some info on that approach:

  6. OpenXMLer says:

    Yes I want to do it programmatically but without MSO on user machine. Dont ask why 🙂 Thanks for replies 🙂

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