Update: Low Cal Outlook Regime

It’s six months now since I switched the way I file email in Outlook.  Rather than maintain a complex folder structure for my mail I decided to embrace desktop search in Office 2007 and cut down to just three folders.  Six months later and I won’t be going back.  The psychological shift was tougher than…


Social Data Analysis

…or a new slant on Business Intelligence. From Tim O’Reilly’s blog, two new sites in the area of social data analysis, or if you like, collaborative business intelligence.  Swivel lets you upload Excel spreadsheets or CSV files, create charts and share them for comment.  Many Eyes takes a similar approach, with more dynamic charts and…


I Don’t Want My People To Think

Over the last few months I have been doing numerous scoping sessions with customers – helping them map their business drivers onto the technologies and features available in the Office & SharePoint platform. I have worked with a number of private and public sector organisations and spotted an interesting difference in the way these orgs…


Radical Transparency

Whenever I take a long haul flight there are a couple of magazines I always pick up for the journey: Wired and The Economist.  While very different in style and content, they have one thing in common that makes them perfect for whiling away the boredom.  They both have lots of brief articles on a range…


Folksonomy vs. Taxonomy

Just want to flag up this really great post from Joris http://jopx.blogspot.com/2007/05/about-taxononomy-folksonomy-and.html Nothing more to add 🙂