Office 2007 SP1 Available for Download

Here’s the official blurb… “We have managed to complete the engineering work slightly earlier than we anticipated and are making the download available from OfficeOnline. What can you expect in Service Pack 1? SP1 focuses on the issues that matter most to our customers based on direct customer feedback and error reporting tools. You can…


Excel Charting to the Max

Who would have thought Excel could produce charts as good looking as this? I certainly would never have thought this was possible until I discovered this great screencast that shows how it’s done.

Office 2007 for (almost) Free

This is such a cool offer!  If you have friends or family who work for the NHS in the UK, go tell them now: As part of the Enterprise Agreement the NHS signed with Microsoft a couple of weeks ago NHS employees are entitled to a copy of Office 2007 for use on their own…


Better Intranet Navigation: Statistically Improbable Phrases

On today, I noticed a feature that David Weinberger mentions in his book, but I don’t think is yet available on Amazon’s UK site.  Books for which they have electronic access to the text have been scanned and effectively auto-tagged.  These tags then become navigational aids to allow you to find books on similar topics.  Two…


Taxonomy in a Digital World – Part 4

Concluding my notes on Everything is Miscellaneous…A good read on the whole.  Does a good job of summarizing the information management trends on the web today.  If you are an information architect or consultant working in the field of knowledge management then I would say you should have a copy on your bookshelf. Chapter 8…


5 Steps to a Great SharePoint User Experience

How many times have you visited a team site and seen this? Or a site where a web part for every list in the site has been squashed into the home page? But helping visitors get the most out of your site needn’t be hard work.  Here are five simple tips to make your SharePoint…


The Demise of Email as a Collaboration Tool

Mike Gotta writes on the demise of email: With all the recent conversations in the media about e-mail, I think the proper way to look at e-mail is that it will not go away or die anytime soon but it will “age out” as demographics within the workplace change and people become generally more comfortable…

Mashup Journalism

Sometimes I am really impressed by the BBC.  Despite its image as stodgy, old fashioned Auntie Beeb, there really are some very creative and forward-looking people working there.   Right now BBC news are running an experiment in mashup journalism.  As well as regular reports on BBC TV news, journalist Ben Hammersley is reporting on the…


Download: Arsenal’s Vista Gadget

Looking through my referrer logs yesterday I noticed lots of hits from people looking for Arsenal’s Vista gadget.  When I wrote about it, it wasn’t available for download.  So if you have come here looking for a download, you can find it over here.  Not to be outdone, I noticed Manchester United have one now too.


Free Copy of Office 2007 Professional Edition

Darren is offering a free copy of Office 2007 Pro for the first person with a boxed copy of Office 95 or earlier they want to swap.