Office 12 XML File Formats begin standardization process

BetaNews reports:

International technology standards organization Ecma International voted Thursday to approve the creation of a technical committee to begin looking into standardization of Microsoft Office's Open XML document format. The effort has been backed by Apple, Intel and Toshiba.

The vote to create the committee would have been unanimous, however OpenDocument supporter IBM voted against the proposal while HP abstained. Critics outside of Ecma questioned the organization's move to standardize what they consider to be a proprietary format.

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  1. tzagotta says:

    It would have been nice if OpenDocument and the new Office XML file formats could have been harmonized. Unfortunately, it seems like O12 development is too far along to consider this. It is a shame that customers will now have to try and decide between the two. It would be nice if we all could agree on a single common format, and then have a choice about which tools to purchase. It will be difficult for customers to make informed decisions about the different XML schemas for documents.

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