PDC Keynote Webcast

How have you been getting on with the PDC keynote webcast?  I have been having real trouble getting a reliable connection.  Pictures are lagging way behind the sound, that is when there is any sound.  I guess there must be an awful lot of people trying to watch.

I just managed to catch the very end of the Office 12 demo.  Here are the key features I saw demonstrated in those brief few minutes:

  • Outlook - RSS subcriptions in Outlook with offline support.  Integration with IE7 RSS subscriptions.

  • Outlook - Super-fast search in Outlook using same indexing technology as Windows Desktop Search & Windows Vista.

  • Outlook - Ability to email InfoPath forms and have people fill them in, and send them back.

  • Outlook - Take SharePoint document libraries offline

  • WSS - RSS feeds for lists and document libraries

  • WSS - Slide libraries - a new type of document library

  • WSS - Recycle bin

I am sure others will add much more detail on the keynote content later.

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  1. Jake Good says:

    I had a perfect stream at 300k in Minneapolis here… it only re-buffered twice during the entire presentation…

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