Just how important is SharePoint to Microsoft?

In this morning's keynote session Steven Sinofsky told how BillG has personally taken the role of Lead PM on the Windows SharePoint Services v3 User Experience team.  If you are in any doubt about how strategically important this product is to Microsoft, that should give you some clue.  And if you don't like what you see when you get to PDC, you'll know who to blame 😉

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  1. tzagotta says:

    Mark, That is interesting. We have used SharePoint a little here, and it seems to be a tool with so much potential, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. So I am excited to see some possibility of most emphasis going forward!

  2. James says:

    This is great news. WSS has been a godsend for us and I think we’re doing some really innovative content management related stuff with it. Looking forward to Bill working his magic on V3.

  3. Travis Owens says:

    I have to agree, the concept behind Sharepoint is genius, I mean how man web developers have had to re-invent the wheel when creating an Intranet server at a company?

    While the first revision os Sharepoint was mostly a document sharing web app with some forum support and a few other things, I high hopes for SPS2003, only to be dissapointed in it’s overly technical aspect frm the user.

    I really hope the next iteration of Sharepoint will be able to over the overly technical feel users have. Plus I would like to see a more formal way to customize the template and would like to see a larger choice of build in templates with different looks, not just the same template with different colors.

  4. DeepICE says:

    Ooops – Last time Bill Gates PM somwthing was —- Microsoft Bob!!!!

  5. Mark Bower says:


    Funny you should say that. A whole load more SharePoint templates have just been published: http://blogs.msdn.com/danielmcpherson/archive/2005/08/03/447152.aspx

  6. Andrew says:

    Actually BOB was PM’d by Gates’ girlfriend, now wife, Melinda French. Gates himself had little or nothing to do with it. Yes, it was a craptacular flop though.


  7. What I would like to see more than anything in Sharepoint is tighter integration with Exchange – especially for the SBS crowd out there. It is a shame to me that Sharepoint uses its own calendaring and the like when it could in stead do more with the calendaring feature already in Exchange.

  8. Arun Puri says:

    It is easy to blame the devlopers for "reinventing the wheel" while SPS is there. But what about the cost of SPS, and that two recurring cost. And it is always never plug and play, there is always custom development. Another issue I personally feel, is developers trying to learn Sharepoint way of things which would not come useful anywhere else.

  9. Daren says:

    Sorry Arun but I couldn’t disgaree more. Cost of SPS? WSS is free with Server 2003 for starters and SPS is one of the cheapest portal solutions in the market. Most clients don’t need custom development with SharePoint. We’ve rolled out SharePoint to numerous clients and within three weeks they have an extranet and intranet enabled Sharepoint solution with a swag of ‘out of the box’ features. CIO’s we deal with are reaping the benefits and quedos with senior management by releasing SharePoint’s features in a staggered approach to their users over a few years. If dev is required – SPS is built on .NET and developers working in SharePoint or custom ASP.NET apps will find a HUGE overlap.

  10. Sharepoint Project Manager


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