Windows Desktop Search RTW

Windows Desktop Search has been Released to Web:

The Beta version, then branded as MSN Desktop Search, shipped around Dec of last year.  New in this version you will see the Preview Pane, much like the one in Outlook, and an improved indexing back-off algorithm.  This really pays dividends if you are working on a laptop.

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  1. Aidan Walsh says:

    I sometimes wonder how something like this hasn’t been released as a PowerToy to replace the current "Find File and Folders" method of searching in Windows…

  2. CN says:

    There has been an indexing service for quite a long time, but the default ways to interface with it (indirectly and inrelibably through the folder search and with an "advanced" HTML syntax crippled by, for example, having a very short allowed query length) were very crude. If one really wanted to use it, one was forced to write custom code just to interface to the engine.

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