Fabrikam Learning Platform available for pre-order

The documentation has been available on MSDN for around 6 months now, but at long last the Office System Fabrikam Learning Platform itself is available for pre-order.  The DVDs are currently in production and should be shipping soon.


Here's the official blurb:

Today’s enterprise solution developers are constantly looking to integrate innovating new technologies such as XML to further extend the capabilities of their infrastructure and development technologies – all within a rapid development and deployment cycle. Developers need tools that they can use to learn about innovative new technologies, such as XML, and also keep their skills up to date.

Fabrikam - The Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Platform – addresses these needs. Built on a virtual platform, FabriKam includes sample solutions that address typical scenarios and implement business process that are common to most enterprises. Developers can use the FabriKam to learn about Office System technologies, modify or create new solutions for their own unique requirements. FabriKam solutions also showcase development best practices for Office solutions builders and also educate developers on the potential of using the Microsoft Office System to create solutions.

Fabrikam 3.1 is a virtual PC image that contains sample solutions and components as part of a fully-functional Microsoft® Virtual PC® 2004 environment. Developers can load this virtual machine, which includes Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003, SQL Server™ 2000, BizTalk® Server 2004, Office Professional Edition 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server, Visual Studio® .NET 2003, and all of the custom solutions and components. FabriKam 3.1 also contains extensive developer documentation about the FabriKam solutions, the components, and the infrastructure so that developers can truly learn how to create their own solutions.

The DVD can be pre-ordered from this Web site and should be shipping in about 2 weeks: https://microsoft.order-5.com/IWOfficeDev/.

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  1. At Magenic we have been using Fabrikam as a great learning tool for our Devs doing work with BizTalk, SharePoint, etc. for about 1 year now.

    I am wondering whats new in this release? I suggested at TechEd last year that they should add samples that utilize Information Bridge and SQL Server Reporting Services.

  2. Mark Bower says:

    Primary changes in this version are:

    * Addition of a VSTO 2003 solution

    * Updated to use InfoPath SP1 RTM

    * Code has undergone security review and threat modelling.

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