At last…an integrated web/email/NNTP discussion platform!

Rob Howard’s recent post on the future of Community Server Forums (formerly ASP.NET Forums) ties in nicely with my main gripe about discussion lists.  In Rob’s case his team are planning to implement NNTP access to their fora.  Rob also reports plans for list-serv integration too.  This is way cool and well overdue!  

Whether NNTP is ultimately the future of web discussions I don’t know, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction, and something to keep the SharePoint boys on their toes.

Comments (4)

  1. Sanghme Shakti Hain says:

    What about RSS?

  2. I think/hope some son-of-NNTP will appear, the current mess (RSS/Atom/"proprietry") isn’t sustainable.

  3. Rob Howard says:

    Yeah, we’re not the first but unlike many others we’ve approached the problem differently. Rather than writing a web UI for newsgroups — which is what many people do — we wrote an NNTP server from the ground up.

    You can actually try it at news://

    All access, member management, etc. is done through the web ui but you can read/post and do other standard Newsreader tasks through Outlook Express (or other news reader).

    Once we have our Exchange DL and stand alone list-serv support available things should really get fun:

    1. Create a new discussion via email

    2. Read and reply in the forums

    3. Read and reply in the newsgroups

    4. Read and reply via email

    We’re trying to remove the barriers that the technologies introduce.

    This post has some more details.

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