How To Submit Ideas and Suggestions for Microsoft Office Products

Do you have an idea for a new feature or addition to one of the Office products?  Maybe there is something about the way a feature works that really annoys you?

Believe it or not, there is a simple way to submit your ideas to the Office team for consideration.  The problem is the web page is hidden away in the depths of the site.  In my quest to make your life easier, here's the URL:



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  1. john beld says:

    i have a new product idea/ invention, that applies to office useage and many other applications, actually millions of users. i would like to submit the information in a confidential manner to see if it fits in your business plan. i am an entrepreneur and a graduate engineer, i also am a businessman.

    i believe this idea and line of products would fit right in with your business and offers also most unlimited market potential using existing technology. thanks for listening

  2. Vic Berggren says:

    Mark – I’m gald I found your blog; I’ve been looking for the ‘Idea Submission’ facility. Even wrote about it a week or so ago


  3. sethgros's Developer Evangelist for Manufacturing says:

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