VSTO 2005 Demo Videos

A bunch of short demo videos from the VSTO 2005 team focussed on common tasks developers need to perform:   Locate and Delete Named Range Controls Auto-resize of Controls in a Worksheet Custom User Controls in a Document Row/Column Order Persistence in DataBound List Objects Resize Excel Controls  


BizTalk Blogger’s Guide via Jan Tielens

Jan Tielens writes that the Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk has been released. BizTalk is a product that really interests me. It naturally compliments much of the work that I do with Office and smart client development. After all, once you have InfoPath, Word and Excel documents all represented as XML, what are you going to…


My OneNote Wish List

Let me be absolutely clear – I have no inside information about what is planned for Office 12, but after my little moan yesterday I got thinking about what I’d do if I were a OneNote PM.  So here’s my own personal wish-list for OneNote v.Next.   Full extensibility – A native .NET API Better visualisation…


The most annoying thing about OneNote

Don’t get me wrong, I love OneNote, especially now that the SP1 build fixes many of the little annoyances from the initial release.  As a consultant on the road, lugging stacks of paper around just doesn’t work for me and so OneNote has become an essential tool.  As well as meeting notes and plans, I…