Article: Customizing SharePoint Context Menus

Rohan Cragg posted about an article I wrote about a year ago describing a technique for customizing SharePoint list and document library context menus.  I think the article may have originally been published on, and although there's some great info on that site, it is pretty difficult to navigate around.  So, for Rohan and anyone else interested I have just republished a slightly updated version here.  You can also download sample web parts that go with the article from here.

The article describes a technique for customizing SharePoint context menus that differs from that described in the SharePoint SDK in that it doesn't require physical access to the files on the SharePoint server.  Instead everything is done with web parts.

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  1. says:


    I am not really a programmer although I understand a few of the basic concepts…i really like your article about customising the sharepoint context menus…do u know of any javascript resources where i can look to find other highly useful additions such aas the ability to email a link to a document?

    or do u have any thoughts about info resources i could look at to possibly teach myself to do this?

    thanks very much…cool site by the way i really like it!!


  2. Mark Bower says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m glad you have found some of this info useful. If you want to learn javascript itself, try

    If you want to learn more about interacting with SharePoint through javascript download the SharePoint Products and Technologies SDK. A link to the SPPT SDK is on the left nav bar.

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