Document Library TreeView WebPart [via Patrick Tisseghem]

This looks like a valuable addition to the SharePoint developer’s arsenal.  I haven’t tried it personally yet, but this is a web part I could have used on many occasions to get customers more comfortable with storing their documents in SharePoint.


Doing Office Development? Get this book…

If you are doing any kind of dev with Office using managed code you really need to get a copy of Andrew Whitechapel’s new book, .NET Development for Microsoft Office.  Until a couple of weeks ago Andrew worked with me in MCS, and has been developing this book over the last 18 months based on…


New Article: Applying Branding to SharePoint Portal Server 2003

My buddy Dan has just had a couple of truly excellent artictles published on MSDN.  Highly recommended reading. Office Developer Center: Branding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site: Part 1, Understanding the Use of a Corporate Brand Office Developer Center: Branding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site: Part 2, How to Apply Your Own Corporate…


Mark your diaries: 2005 PDC

The dates for the 2005 PDC have been announced: 13-16 Sep in Los Angeles. (  This should coincide nicely with the Longhorn Beta 1 release and give a good guide to what you can expect in the final version of the WinFx platform.


Searching SPS using MSN Desktop Search

By now you will have seen that the MSN Desktop Search Beta is available. (If you haven’t, what have you been doing this last week?) MSN Desktop Search supports some basic extensibility using an aliasing syntax to create web shortcuts.  You can use these shortcuts to enable you to search your intranet from the MSN…


Word 2003 CDK/SDK

It’s been a long time coming…but a week or so back the Word 2003 SDK finally went live.  Back when Office 2003 was at Beta 2 stage there was a Word Content Development Kit (CDK) Beta available with information about developing Word solutions.  Some of the information in that original Beta has since been released…


People Finder Web Part

Download Sample   SPS 2003 contains a search scope called People, but counter to most people’s expectations this not only returns people that match the search term, but also documents, lists etc authored by those people.  For very many organisations I work with finding other people in the organization is a real problem and most…


VSTO 2005 Demo Videos

A bunch of short demo videos from the VSTO 2005 team focussed on common tasks developers need to perform:   Locate and Delete Named Range Controls Auto-resize of Controls in a Worksheet Custom User Controls in a Document Row/Column Order Persistence in DataBound List Objects Resize Excel Controls  


BizTalk Blogger’s Guide via Jan Tielens

Jan Tielens writes that the Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk has been released. BizTalk is a product that really interests me. It naturally compliments much of the work that I do with Office and smart client development. After all, once you have InfoPath, Word and Excel documents all represented as XML, what are you going to…


My OneNote Wish List

Let me be absolutely clear – I have no inside information about what is planned for Office 12, but after my little moan yesterday I got thinking about what I’d do if I were a OneNote PM.  So here’s my own personal wish-list for OneNote v.Next.   Full extensibility – A native .NET API Better visualisation…