I want this keyboard

Found this keyboard on /. today, looks like a really cool idea.

Update: It's not everyday you get ahead of Scoble on finding these things. Then again that probably means I should curtail on the surfing 🙂

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  1. John says:

    But it’s probably a sucky keyboard !? .. that’s the way of things .. great idea, neat appearance, functionality not up to snuff.

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    Man this would be too great but I wonder how the keys would stand up to the developer. I am very picky about my keyboards when I find one I like I buy 4-5 of them. I always use the same style one at home and at work so the other 2-3 I keep as spares, you know the mountain dew spill, or plain wears out. I look down at the one I have now probably the longest running one I have had, over a year. the space barhas several smooth glossy spots worn in it. Several letters are only half there. The Semicolon key is wiped smooth, along with the brakets. So how would a keyboard like this stand up to me. I would be willing to find out though because the concept is totally cool.

  3. K.E. McFeely says:

    Make it ergonomic like the MS Natural Keyboards (I can’t type on “regular” keyboards anymore) and I’ll buy one.

  4. Simon Owen says:

    Just a guess, but incorporating top of the line mechanics would only add a small percentage to what would be a darn expensive keyboard.

    As far as ware goes, there wouldn’t be any! Glass/Perspex caps cover the ‘screens’, your letters never wear away. If they could add a couple of iddy biddy fans underneath the keys to give a little positive upward air pressure to a) stop ash from my ciggies collecting in the gaps and b) keep my hands cool whilst typing I think it would be perfect.

    Boy do I want one of those.

  5. mihailik says:

    There may be very cool visual effect with this keyboard.

    Imagine color wave from one side to other. Or splashing.

    So it is ideal keyboard for gamers. Doom shooting, car races — all games with activity and visual effects.

    Other area of success — education. For example, some keys can be highlighted. Or wrong key press can be splashed by red.

    But for developers the value of such micro-displays is low. Even it can be negative, because this keyboard subtracts attention from screen.

  6. borisj says:

    Hey Simon, I like your idea, keyboards should be self-cleaning 🙂 I read an article a while back on bbc.com where they described a survey of what had accumulated "inside" people’s keyboards. Needless to say, anything and everything ends up in there.

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