New for VC++ 2005: CTRL+J

Have you ever been coding inside a class/struct and you wanted to know just what members were available to you in that scope? Have you ever found yourself typing this-> just to see those members? Well, there's a new shortcut in VC 2005 that allows you to do just that! CTRL+J will show you a dropdown containing only elements in the current scope, excluding all the outer library methods etc... Of course, you can always assign this command to a different shortcut using the keyboard mapping tool (under Tools\Options\Environment\Keyboard). The command is listed as Edit.ListMembers

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  1. iamme says:

    Hey Boris,

    One of my pet peeves with VS2003 is the lack of ability to toggle the output window/solution explorer/etc with the keyboard. In vs6 you could map a key to toggle them, and if you kept hitting that key it would toggle them on and off. In vs2003 if I want to close the output window I have to press alt+2 and then shift+esc, and in vs6 I would just map alt+2 to toggle it. If there was also an ability to toggle all the floating toolbars like sol. explorer/class viewer/resource viewer etc that you usually just dock to the right or left in one key press like in vs6, that would be great.

    And not to say only bad things, I really like ctrl+tab in vs2005, so useful. And the much improved realtime expression evaluation in the debugger, and the ability to export/import settings. I’ve been waiting for that since 1998. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

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