Useful Code: Build Startup Project

It seems as though I’ve dropped off from blogging, and that surely was not my intention. So without further ado, let’s jump into another useful piece of code. People have been asking for this feature for quite some time now, and I’ll be sure to push for it to be built-in to our next release….


Classic Clippy Story

This short story that Larry links to is a great reminder of the dangers of trying to create software that’s *too* helpful. It’s evocative of the way many C++ developers feel about the evolution of the IDE experience since Visual C++ 6.0. One customer even told me that they find they gradient menus in VS…


Blogging from Meltdown

I’m presenting my Visual C++ productivity tips talk at the Windows Gaming conference, also known as Meltdown 2005. As you can see from the picture, it’s got quite the super hero theme going for it this year. For those that are curious, each of those characters represents an aspect of Windows game development and from…

Useful Code: Swap .h/.cpp

Over the past few weeks, for a number of reasons I have been working on a number of macros to extend the functionality of Visual C++. The first reason is that I have been giving preparing demos for various talks, such as Gamefest (which I mentioned earlier) as well as PDC. In these talks, we…


Sufjan Stevens

Wow. What an amazing concert I went to tonight (well last night by now). If you’re not familiar with Sufjan Stevens (pronounced soofyan), you should definitely pick up his latest album titled Illinois or any of his older ones. My friend Nelson bought me the album at the venue, which has the original cover with…


Chat: The Visual Studio Debugger, July 28th @ 1pm Pacific Time

I’ll be participating in an online chat about debugger features next week. There will be members of the core debugger team online who can answer almost any question you might have. I’ll be there to answer some of the C++ specific questions, so feel free to bring ’em on! You can get all the information…

Testing new internal blog posting tool

Hopefully this works and I’ll start posting more often. I’ve been playing with the idea of using OneNote to write up posts as well…

I want this keyboard

Found this keyboard on /. today, looks like a really cool idea. Update: It’s not everyday you get ahead of Scoble on finding these things. Then again that probably means I should curtail on the surfing 🙂


The design of C++0x

Bjarne (no last name needed on a C++ oriented blog) posted this article in the May edition of the C/C++ Users Journal, discussing the upcoming new C++ standard that’s being developed by the ISO C++ committee. I noticed the Lambda the Ultimate picked it up so hopefully it will spur some interesting discussion. It’s always…


Google Maps Mania

Well I suppose this was inevitable. There are now so many Google Maps hacks (err… applications) that someone has created a blog dedicated to following up on them. On that note, if you haven’t checked out Google Earth, you really must. I can’t wait to see if Virtual Earth delivers something as breathtaking. Update: To…