Program Manager position in OpsMgr Team

We are looking for a program manager to help extend the product’s capabilities in the area of Network Monitoring. Here is a link to the job posting:


Which discovery found the object

One of the interesting challenges that I have seen some customers experience is understanding which discovery discovered a particular object. There are a number of way to do this. One of the ways you can do this is by using powershell. Here are the steps: 1 – Right click on the object that you want…


Problem with the IIS Modules QFE (957123)

We have found a problem with the IIS Modules QFE and working on fixing it. In the meanwhile, the binaries for the QFE have been removed from the download site. The issue is in the setup code which causes the SDK and Configuration services on the RMS to be stopped and disabled. The setup code…


IIS 7.0 Management Pack is now on the MP Catalog!

In order for the IIS 7.0 MP to properly work, you will need to install an agent QFE which drops a new module that the MP uses for discovery and monitoring.  Here is the link to the QFE:   Also, you will need to install an IIS 7.0 QFE to resolve a small memory…


Windows Server 2008 Cluster MP is now available!

I have seen a number of questions on this in the past so I am happy to announce that we just released the Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster MP. You can now download it on: Big thanks to those who helped validate the MP.  


Great new blog

I just got a mail today from Marco Shaw about a great new blog authored by Daniele Grandini and Fabrizio Guaitolini. I recommend you check it out. The latest blog post is about building monitors that work only during business hours. This is something that I have been wanting to blog about for a while…