Windows Server 2008 Cluster MP is now available!

I have seen a number of questions on this in the past so I am happy to announce that we just released the Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster MP. You can now download it on:

Big thanks to those who helped validate the MP.


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  1. Richard K says:

    Just a quick question.  in the "Before you Begin" section, if we don’t have any Windows Server 2008 servers in our environment, do we still need to install the QFE’s and hotfix and the ?

    All I am concerned about is Windows Server 2003, we have no plans to implement or support Windows Server 2008 any time soon.


  2. borisyan says:

    If you dont need to monitor Windows 2008 clusters, you dont need to apply the QFE mentioned or import the Win2008 Discovery MP.

  3. Andy Stumph says:

    Hey Boris,

    Have you seen any issues with this MP? We have recently deployed it and consistently get the error below. It looks like the vbs script fails because it doesn’t use pktprivacy authenticaion level when attaching to the rootmscluster namespace.

    Forced to terminate the following process started at 12:38:59 PM because it ran past the configured timeout 300 seconds. Command executed: "C:Windowssystem32cscript.exe" /nologo "DiscoverClustering.vbs" {17520AAB-F22A-EB73-4E91-59A089AA68DC} {985E9DE3-6095-45CD-F615-A5D172303201} SDFCLST001.domain.local SDFCLST001 false {DA9BF4D4-17DA-0343-2906-D711A7689D8E} {C04320C1-6899-8B10-FD6F-E785A0DD0625} {A0D8689D-5653-09F6-3305-45373FA9FB45} {064EC4FD-25A1-38D2-C18D-A53FD57393DF}



  4. borisyan says:

    Did you try running the script from the command line or increasing the timeout? By the way, how many resources does the cluster have?

  5. Andy Stumph says:

    I did try running it from the command line and it takes a while to run. This is a 8 node Hyper-V cluster, so it has quite a few resources, 485 actually. After the script runs I had the below entry in the App event log. I did not try to change the script timeout as I’m not sure where that setting is.

    Access to the rootmscluster namespace was denied because the namespace is marked with RequiresEncryption but the script or application attempted to connect to this namespace with an authentication level below Pkt_Privacy. Change the authentication level to Pkt_Privacy and run the script or application again.



  6. borisyan says:

    Did the script complete and return discovery data when you ran it from the commandline? Or did it fail? By the way, did you change the authentication level to RequiresEncryption or that was the default? Is it failing on all nodes?

    Also, can you please send me the info to



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