Configuring rules to run during business hours only

I have heard the question about creating rules that execute only during a certain set of hours many times in the last while. While its not straight forward, it is still possible. Attached to the this blog post is a MHTML file which I wrote that describes the steps of how this can be done and also gives you some clues as to how this can be done for a monitor. The MHTML file includes step by step instructions on how this can be done and also provides screen shots. The first time you do it, it will probably take 10-15 minutes. However the next time you do it, I think it will be pretty quick.

If you have questions about the steps written in the MHTML file, please leave me a comment. If you find this useful, please also leave me a comment and I can put together a sample for a monitor.

Scheduled Rules.mht

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  1. David Allen says:

    Boris Yanushpolsky has just published a great article on how to configure rules to only run during times

  2. Jaime Correia says:

    Hi Boris, can you put and example for this for a monitor? Let us say a service? 🙂

  3. David Allen says:

    Great article Boris, very clear and extremely useful.  Thanks!

  4. Jaime Correia says:

    hi Boris, can you put an example for a monitor?

    A service monitor perhaps?

  5. Marco Shaw says:

    Yes, please show us how to use this for a monitor.


  6. pixel says:

    great boris,

    exactly what i needed.

    will try it out! thanks

  7. the issue I feel about this is, mainly: when tuning MOM2005, it was a common thing to just disable something AT CERTAIN TIMES, while leaving it running the rest of the day….

    that is… for EXISTING rules/monitors. I am not willing to DUPLICATE existing monitors and rules coming in sealed MPs just to do this… it should just be overridable.

    Also – unrelated to the topic itself – why didn’t you just write a post (which would be accessible on browsers other than IE and COULD be read into aggregators, and would be better INDEXED by search engines) with the steps… instead than ATTACHING a .MHT file?

  8. borisyan says:

    Hi Daniele,

    I do know that this is not a perfect solution, but this is something people can do in the meanwhile. We are definitely looking at how to make this possible for rules/monitors in sealed MPs.

    As for the blog post itself, the reason I put it into a MHTML page is because adding pictures with the blog writing tool that comes with is very time consuming. I will try to recreate the blog post with all the content in the post rather than the attachment.

  9. Pixel says:

    First of all thanks for writing this mht to explain to us how it can be done. I dont understand why this didnt come out of the box as its quite logical this would have come to this.

    anyways, this solution doesnt work for me aswell as i wont to accomplish that on sealed mps and i prefer not to duplicate the monitor into an unsealed mp etc.

  10. Is it possible to use a solution like this to do an override ? I explain. A rule is defined to run everyday and you want to disable the rule for a couple of hours every without using the maintenance mode ? The maintenance mode just permit to disable temporary all rules and monitors of an object.

  11. borisyan says:

    I am not sure I fully understood the question. Are you looking to make the hours parameter overrideable for custom rules that you create?

  12. Robert Gillespie says:

    This is great Boris. Have you done the same for a monitor yet. We just got a request this week to disable monitoring of a service after hours.

  13. paul keely says:

    hey Boris, I cant see anywhere in rules to select a custom rule? can you specify where to find it, when i go to the rules folder i can only select new rule and then i get have to choose from

    Alert generating rules

    Collection rules

    Timed Commands?

    Thanks in advance


  14. borisyan says:

    In the authoring console you need to do the following:

    1 – Go to the health model tab

    2 – Click on the Rules node in the tree view on the left side of the screen

    3 – Then on the right side of the screen right click and select New->Custom Rule.

  15. says:

    A different method for doing this with monitors:

  16. Andrew Kunz says:

    Was working good then we had DST this weekend, it does not seem to be honouring the schedule anymore.  Has anyone else seen this behaviour ?

  17. amalk says:

    did you take into consideration Rule being run on servers in different Time zone?



    one more thing image no more show on your page

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