Monitoring Windows 2008 Clusters

Are you interested in participating in a private beta program for the Windows 2008 Cluster management pack? If so, please send me an email ( Please note that I am only able to provide access to the beta bits to 10 customers so this is on a first come first serve basis.

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  1. HNL says:

    Can u send me a beta of the windows 2008 cluster management pack. I am very interessting. sorry for  my bad english. i come from germany. i am testing windows 2008 cluster and windows server 2008 with scom. but i dont got a result. can send it me as quickly as possible. i look forward. here is my email adresse:

    thank u very much

    PS: do u got the windows server 2008 management pack too? if u got can i get it too please. scom is so interesting. that i cant stop working with that.

  2. Tom Martin says:

    Yes, please send me the beta for Windows 2008 Cluster Management pack. Thanks

  3. Tejas Patel says:

    Please send me the beta MP for monitoring Windows 2008 Server cluster…My email address is

  4. Hello Boris,

    we are implementing SCOM2007 and really need the Cluster Server 2008 management pack.

    Hope you can help.

    Rgd´s Roland (Germany / Hamburg)

  5. HT says:

    Hi Boris,

    Is there any updates on Cluster 2008 MgmtPack? We’ve been having SCOM managing our clusters and we have 5 Windows Server 2008 Ent. based H/A clusters that cannot be managed (the cluster part). Is there a date for the production release?

  6. borisyan says:

    The cluster MP is scheduled to be released this quarter.

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