MPViewer 1.7 – Now works with latest E12 MP

Thanks Stefan for reporting that MPViewer export to HTML functionality didn’t work with the latest version of the E12 MP. This was caused by a bug in MPViewer. The new version is attached to this blog post. I also some more minor features such as frequency for performance monitors as well breaking out the monitors by…


Automating port monitoring using PowerShell

A while I wrote a blog entry about how you can automate the creation of URL monitoring logic in OpsMgr using PowerShell. One of the questions I have received is “how do you do the same thing for port monitoring ?”. Attached is a script that demonstrates how this can be done. In order to…


MPViewer 1.6 – Exporting to Excel

This updated version of MPViewer will allow you to export data to Excel in addition to the HTML format which was available before. Now that you are able to export to excel, I hope it will make it easier to understand MP contents. This update also includes my first stab at retrieving configuration of event log rules…


Module Explorer V2

In v1 of module explorer I enumerate code based modules and then populated the tree view with composite module that rely on the code modules. In this version I added another view which instead groups modules by the MP in which the module is defined. This should help in some scenarios where you just want…


Monitoring Windows 2008 Clusters

Are you interested in participating in a private beta program for the Windows 2008 Cluster management pack? If so, please send me an email ( Please note that I am only able to provide access to the beta bits to 10 customers so this is on a first come first serve basis.


On Demand Detection

 A really useful feature of Health Explorer in Operations Manager is the ability to force the agent recalculate health of a particular monitor. One the most common uses for this is when you want to confirm that the action that you took actually fixed the problem. If you have implemented your management pack correctly all you…


MPViewer 1.5 – Performance rules and monitors

I finally had a bit of time to work on improving MPViewer so here is a new a version. The main improvement in this version is additional visibility into performance rules and monitors. Now there are two new columns which show you the performance object name and counter name. For the next version I am…