Cluster MP Upgrade

Looks like there is some confusion as to the what exactly needs to be done in order to upgrade to the latest version of the cluster MP. Here is a flow chart that should clear things up:

Comments (3)

  1. Boris made this nice workflow in Visio. Please use it with your decision making when importing Windows

  2. Jay Coleman says:

    The RTM SP1 had version 6.0.6278.0  of the cluster library mp file, so if you select all of the files in the new 6277.1 version of the MP, the 6277.1 version of the cluster library won’t load.  Since the 6278 version shipped with RTM SP1 and the 6277 shipped more recently, which is really newer ?

    Also there is a cluster MP from earlier in 2007 that predates the 6277.0 version of this one.  Are the two MPs different ? or does this new one replace the other cluster MP.  The older one is called "Microsoft.Windows.Server.ComputeCluster.2003"  and was version 6.0.5000.0

  3. borisyan says:

    The file with the newer version is the latest one. The reason we packages the library file also with the MP package is for people who dont have SP1. If you have SP1, you dont need/cant to import this file.

    The compute cluster file is actually a totaly different MP for a a Windows HPC (

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