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I recently saw an interesting mail thread about how does one figure out which MPs will work for agentless monitoring and which MPs will not. The interesting part is that at the MP level there is no way to declare whether it is designed for agentless monitoring or not. The MP author can decide this for every workflow (rule, monitor, task, diagnostic, recovery, discovery) by setting the Remotable attribute to true. If the attribute is set to false, the agent will not execute the workflow against the agentlessly monitored computer and will also drop an event to the OpsMgr event log. To help clarify this a bit more, I updated the MPViewer utility to include one more column which is called "Remotable". You can use this to determine which workflows are capable of working for agentless monitoring. I also added a command line switch to enable the generation of an HTML report for only the monitors and rules that are configured to generate an alert.

Here is how you can use the new switch:

MPViewer.exe c:\ c:\win2003.html AlertGeneratingWorkflowsOnly

For the next version I am hoping to add knowledge to the HTML report that the utility produces.

As always, feedback is very much appreciated.

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  1. Boris Yanushpolsky recently updated MPViewer to version 1.4. For the downloads and impovements http:

  2. New version of cluster monitoring management pack was released . Hooray! This release requires removing

  3. Reuben says:

    Wonderful tool in fact very useful, especially as there is no easy way to document packs without buying MPStudio. I have struggled in the past to get XML into word and display nicely so the HTML feature is fab. Will you be adding the function to be able to export to html for all rules, monitors, views etc or just those that generate an alert? I have noticed that it does not export all the description text from the rules monitors is that by design?

    Many thanks


  4. Travelers says:

    I just downloaded the tool, so I don’t have a comment on the tool yet.  However, I do have a comment on the concept and I recently emailed MS on this.   I am glad that someone is tackling this issue.  See Use Case below


    CustomerX is requesting to review all of the possible monitoring information for their application.  CustomerX has no idea as to how SCOM works and doesn’t care to learn it.  The customer’s statement is “I just want to look at a list of available items to monitor for my application.  I then want to select the monitoring values I think is of value and then have Operation’s implement the changes.”  


    How can we provide the customer with a list of all available values for the customer’s SCOM Pak without using the Operator Console? We want to either provide this by downloading a .csv file from the MOM website or run a script against the MOM PAK.”

  5. Ashok Prajapati says:

    Hey Boris

    long time no speak! Just wanted to ask u something re the tool. Tried running it against the DHCP pack to create a html file for reporting, and noticed that all the rules are reporting that they don’t generate alerts, even though a lot of them do? Seems to be the case for all "converted" packs (eg ISA). So even though others are conversions (SQL, OS?), direct conversions such as DHCP which are using the MOM05 compatibility, don’t seem to have the alert generation picked up. Any thoughts?

    Cheers Ash.

  6. borisyan says:

    Hi Ash,

    The issue with the converted MPs should be fixed in the latest version of MPViewer.

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