Run As profile configuration helper v1

When you deploy a management pack and the action account is configured as a low priv account, some workflows (monitors/rules/discoveries/tasks/diagnostics/recoveries) may not be able to execute because by default they will run under the low priv account and may not have sufficient rights to access the instrumentation they need in order to function properly. The solution for this problem is for the MP author to use a RunAs profile. This allows the customer which is deploying the management pack to specify a particular account which will be used to execute the set of workflows that are configured to use the RunAs profile. One of the difficulties today is that when you configure a RunAs profile in the UI, you can only configure it for one agent at a time. We have posted several powershell scripts to allow doing this in bulk. To simplify things a bit more, I wrote a small utility that will allow you to configure a RunAs profile for agents in bulk.

In order to configure a RunAs profile, you need to right click on it on the left hand side on the RunAs profile that you wish to configure, and click on the "Add Computer(s)" menu item. In order to remove computers from a RunAs profile, you need to multi-select the computers in the right hand side, right click and select the "Remove Computer(s)" menu item.

This is the first version of the utility. I would really appreciate feedback as to how I can make this utility more useful.

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  1. Andrew says:

    gr8 tool. If you want to ever add some functionality I guess a simple FIND/filter box would be useful. Having several hundred computers it would make using the tool even more efficient.

  2. Naren says:

    I have an Issue, I created a monitor on a management pack, I see just a empty green circle, It neither shows healthy or critical.

    Can anyone throw light on this issue, Some …. hints are appreciated.


  3. Check out Boris Yanushpolsky's blog ( ). Boris is an SCOM

  4. Thanks Boris! The tool is cool and looking to see this part integrated in the next SP!

  5. Mpviewer 1.7 Visualiser le contenu des MPs sous forme de fichier HTML ou Excel de Boris Yanuspolsky…

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