MPViewer 1.3

Added another several small features in this version:

1 - The target of a rule/monitor

2 - The type of a monitor

3 - The priority of the alert generated by a monitor

4 - Whether a rule generates an alert as well as the severity and priority of the alert.

5 - Command line mode is now supported. So you can run it like this: C:\MPViewer.exe "C:\" "C:\SampleMPReport.html" (this can help create HTML reports for a large number of management packs without opening each one in the MPViewer UI).

I am really interested in your feedback about this utility in terms whether its usefull or not, and what would make it more usefull for you.

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  1. Derek says:

    First off Boris, thanks for this tool. It will make reviewing MP’s much easier.

    For me the most useful addition to this would be the ability to limit what is exported to the HTML. In general what I really care about are the rules and monitors that actually generate alerts and the ability to limit the report to just these would be useful.

  2. Great job! Love it and use with customers all the time. Please continue updating as necessary. Thanks!

  3. Phil says:

    Excellent tool Boris! Thanks a lot!

    Would it be possible to add the option to save the product knowledge to html too in future versions?

    Thanks again!


  4. Boris YANUSHPOLSKY a annoncé en anglais sur son blog , une nouvelle version de son outil MPViewer. Parmi

  5. Boris YANUSHPOLSKY a annoncé en anglais sur son blog , une nouvelle version de son outil MPViewer. Parmi

  6. Hi Boris,

    I really like your work for MPViewer. What I would like to have is the possibility to open other MP’s from the Dependencies View with a right click. But that would probably mean that first you would have to index which MP’s are available on the system if they even are on the system.



  7. Microsoft's Boris Yanushpolsky has recently released an update to his MPViewer which he originally

  8. Manickam says:

    Thanks for all your MPViewer, its great.

    I would like to have the threshold values exportable.

  9. Thanks for making this tool.  Very helpful.

  10. Thanks for a great tool. A feature I miss in this tool is to see the scripts that some discoveries and monitors use. If you could show the vbscripts would be great. Today I have to go to the .xml files under the Healt agent folders on the moitored server and look into the xml code for the vbscripts.

  11. Kerry Boomsliter says:

    Thanks so much for the Command Line feature.  I will use it to keep an up to date dump of all production MPs.  This helps us work with our monitoring customers more smoothly.  I would also like to be able to view scripts.

  12. kwek says:

    i cannot run the exe downloaded on my windows vista, pls help.

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