Troubleshooting event id 33333 logged by the DataAccessLayer

Sometimes after installing an agent or importing a management pack you may see event number 33333 logged by the Data Access layer. In many situations this error is caused by the fact that proxying is not enabled for a particular agent. In OpsMgr SP1, we have added a new rule to pickup this event and generate an alert. The alert looks like the following:

Proxying disabled alert

You can figure out using powershell the name of the agent that requires proxying to be enabled using the following command:

Get-MonitoringObject -id:'2090A6E7-27D2-425F-5617-6EE7B2291970' | ft DisplayName

This will provide the name of the agent that needs to have proxying enabled.

Note: You will need to replace the GUID that you use as the parameter to the cmdlet with the first GUID that you see in the alert.



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  1. MSutara says:

    I also blogged about this some time ago, because there will be an alert raised with release of OpsMgr 2007 SP1

  2. Jesse Roberts ( says:

    Hey Boris

    Thanks for providing this info. Do you think you could make a script that we could set to turn the proxying on an agent automatically when this alert comes up?

  3. Charlie C. says:

    And this is <a href=”the’>”>the reason</a> why you need to do this:

    The DataAccessLayer 33333 event with the “should not generate data about this managed object” message can occur when the agent proxy option is not enabled for domain controllers, cluster nodes or Exchange servers.

    This is also referenced in <a href=”Discovery’>”>Discovery of Clustered Servers in Operations Manger 2007</a>.

  4. Charlie C. says:

    Woops, you also need to restart the OpsMgr Health Service on the cluster nodes per KB 946427 <;.

  5. If you have ever seen this error referring to proxying needing turned on for your OpsMgr Management Servers

  6. borisyan says:

    Never seen it. Can you email me the whole error message (

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