OpsMgr SP1 – Removing instances for which discovery is disabled

One of the issues that we saw in OpsMgr RTM is that if you disabled a discovery using an override let say a particular SQL DB, the instance created by this discovery would not be removed. In SP1 we have added a new cmdlet to force the removal of instances for which discovery is disabled using an override. The cmdlet name is Remove-DisabledMonitoringObject. All you need to do to remove the instances is open up the OpsMgr command shell and run this cmdlet. The cmdlet does not have any parameters. Keep in mind that this cmdlet is only available in SP1 RC.

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  1. GD says:

    Just to clarify – this is a Management Group wide cmdlet that will affect every object discovery override in the management group? This is not a problem, just wanted to clarify that if I override discovery (disable) for a SQL discovery and perhaps an AD client discovery, I only need to run the cmdlet once and that there is no way to target a specific object discovery?



  2. borisyan says:

    The above comment is correct. This cmdlet does not take any parameters so it will delete all objects in the management group for which discovery is disabled using an override. You only need to run it once and it will look at all discoveries for which there is a disable override.

  3. daviesg says:

    Is there a cmdlet to rollback this script or will removing the override on the discovery allow the object to be discovered again at the next discovery interval?



  4. borisyan says:

    You cant roll this back as the instances are deleted from the database. What you need to do is go to the discovery and remove the override. The next time the discovery runs, it will insert the objects back into the DB.

  5. geist_23 says:

    This really needs to be built into the UI as a checkbox or an in-line GUI option. I doubt many would want the objects to remain as a discovered instances of disabled discovery.

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