MP Viewer 1.2

I added a couple of things that people have asked for:

  1. The ability to save to HTML. Looks like quite a bit of people asked for this.

  2. More info about monitors (whether it generates an alert, what's the severity, is the alert auto resolved)

  3. More info about discoveries (how frequency does the discovery run)

Comments (6)


    Excellent – another great feature added – thanks Boris!!

  2. Pavel says:

    HI Boris,

    Love the tool.

    Couple suggestions if I may.

    I think it will be beneficial if you can add the Target info for monitors and rules and discoveres.

    It is useful to know what object monitor or rule targets…

    Thank you again for great tools


  3. Pavel says:

    Speaking of the HTML export: Could you update the Override Explorer with this feature as well?

    Thank you

  4. Qiang Chen says:

    Thank you Boris.

    This is a small utility but a great tools.

    If it can display info of attribute in MP?

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