MPViewer V1.1

Added some improvements based on comments from couple of the MOM MVPs.


1.       See the following additional MP components: Targets (classes), Relationships, Discoveries, Diagnostics, Recoveries.

2.       Ability to see the raw XML in a tab next to the knowledge tab.

3.       Remember the location of where you opened the last MP from.

4.       Browse for both MP and XML files.

5.       Added the Category column for Rules/Monitors

6.       Added Enabled column for Rules/Monitors/Discoveries.



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Comments (4)
  1. Très réactif aux premières remarques, Boris Yanushpolsky publie une nouvelle version de MPViewer. Disponible

  2. William Gregoire says:

    Awsome!!! Thanks!!!

    Next step….Export to CSV´s from the console?

    Good luck!

  3. Norm Geltz says:

    Has anyone determined a manner in which to export these items into .csv or other format?

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