SQLRSS: an open source project for creating an RSS feed from database changes

Have you ever wanted an RSS feed that displayed changes to a database? SQLRSS (http://codeplex.com/SQLRSS) may be just the ticket for you.  This application uses the SQL Server 2008 feature called Change Data Tracking to gather changes made to the database (by any client) and then posts the changes to an RSS feed.  The RSS feed can be consumed by many different clients including IE7 and Outlook.  Which changes are displayed and how they are displayed is controlled by an XML configuration file and the Change Data Tracking feature in SQL Server 2008.  This application is open source so you can see how the following technologies were used together:

  • Change Data Tracking (CDT) feature of SQL Server 2008
  • Reporting Services
  • The syndication feed feature of WCF
  • LINQ to XML

Also, because is this an open source community project we encourage you to contact us if you would like to share any bug fixes or extensions to this application.

You can find this project at http://codeplex.com/SQLRSS.  Thanks!

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