December 2006 SQL Server 2005 Samples Web Refresh

Ever wanted to install the SQL Server 2005 samples on Vista? If so, I recommend using the lastest sample installers at which we've recently updated for the December 2006 samples web refresh.  The bits that get installed are identical to the July 2006 web refresh except these installers are supported on Vista.  To run these samples you'll need SQL Server Express SP1 or SQL Server Express with Advanced Services SP1.  Other editions of SQL Server 2005 (Developer, Enterprise) won't be supporting Vista until SP2.  These installers provide full access to the person who is running the installation.  If your admin installed the samples, you should ask them to grant you full access if that is what you need.

There is no point to installing the December 2006 web refresh if you aren't using Vista and you already have the July 2006 web refresh installed. 

We are planning to release some new samples and some bug fixes in a future web refresh which will ship when SQL Server 2005 SP2 ships.  I'll blog about it once those bits are live.

Thanks to everyone who met us or provided feedback on samples at PASS here in Seattle.  It was great to meet some of you in person and get your input.

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  1. bobinorlando says:

    When I install the samples (AdventureWorksDB.msi) and attempt to attach to a local instance of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, in the Attach dialog box, I can’t expand the directory structure past

    Microsoft SQL Server90ToolsSamplesAdventureWorks Analysis Server Project

    There are actually two subfolders in that directory, Enterprise and Standard, but I can’t get to either one of them through Attach Database.

    There is an endless loop of confusing documentation regarding the location for the samples on the web.

    All roads in BOL and MSDN appear to link to this page:

    But that page makes no reference to Express Edition version of the samples.

    MSDN on this page


    SQL Server 2005 Books Online  

    Installing Sample Databases for Express Editions  

    The sample databases that are supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) are Adventureworks, Northwind, and Pubs. By default, these sample databases are not installed with SQL Server Express. Instead, you can download them from the Microsoft Download Center.


    Adventureworks can be installed from this Microsoft Web site. Download SQLServerExpressSamplesOverview.htm and follow the instructions that it provides. Double-click AdventureworksDB.msi to install the sample database.

    But there is no such SQLServerExpressSamplesOverview link to be found.

    Any suggestion would be welcome!

  2. BonnieFe says:


    First AdventureWorksDB only installs the AdventureWorks database, not the AdventureWorksDW database.  Use the installer called AdventureWorksBI.msi to get that database.  You should uninstall previous version of the AdventureWorksBI.msi if present, and also you may need to delete that database using SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Management Studio Express depending on where the old database is attached.  Note that you should look for sample databases in C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData.  The directory Microsoft SQL Server90ToolsSamplesAdventureWorks Analysis Server Project does not contain databases you can attach.  It has the AS project which you can use to deploy to create the Analysis Services database.  I apologize for the out of date link.  You can find current detailed installation instructions and information about the samples at

    –Bonnie [MSFT]

  3. goodwill says:

    I have read thru the samples unfortunately I never able to find the thing I need- I am working on a non-asp web project which using RS Web Service is my only option- I can get things rendered properly, but is there anyway for me to make the interactive sort feature working in my web based application by making a proxy for those links and then redirect the sorted result back to the client? I hope MS could include such sample as advance usage for ReportExecutionService, or even better would be open the source for ReportViewer component- I think that is a free component and also it allows developers gain in depth knowledge about SSRS much easier.

  4. LGWIZ says:

    I still have MSDE as well as SQL Server Express 2005 installed on my workstation. I had AdventureWorks2000 installed in the NETSDK instance of MSDE. When I tried to install it (using dthe downloaded msi) to SS EXP 2005 the installer wouldn’t allow it. Please provide a procedure to have AdventureWorks installed both in MSDE and in SQL Server Exp 2005. I don’t see why there should be any conflict or why I have had all this aggravation. Thanks – LG

  5. BonnieFe says:


    The SQL Server 2000 version of the AdventureWorks database is not supported on SQL Server Express 2005.  Please use the AdventureWorksDB.msi installer at for SQL Server Server Express 2005.

    –Bonnie [MSFT]

  6. wer says:

    I started out w/ SQL Express and installed that version’s Adventureworks samples.  Finding that I really should have the developer edition, I deinstalled SQL Express and installed SQL Server 2005 Developer edition.  Now I find that I cannot deinstall the SQL Express samples and install the full version samples.  Suggestions?

  7. BonnieFe says:


    What error message did you get when you tried to uninstall the Adventureworks samples? And is it the sample database or the sample code?

    –Bonnie [MSFT]

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