The April 2006 Samples Refresh is Live!

Check out the April 2006 samples refresh live at! There are lots of bug fixes, plus some new samples.  The documentation in SQL Server Database and Samples Overview presents a list of the new samples and what they do, as well as documenting the existing samples.  There have been no significant database changes for the April 2006 refresh.

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  1. Are these samples included in SP1?

  2. BonnieFe says:

    No, SP1 does not contain updates for the samples for space reasons.  There is an update to the AdventureWorks OLTP database, however.

  3. mikestre says:

    The AdventureWorksDB_x64.msi appears to be corrupt. It gives an error 1335 stating that the is corrupt and cannot be used. If anybody is listening could they check this out and perhaps replace the download file with a working version

  4. BonnieFe says:

    I’ve reproduced the problem you’ve reported.  We’re working on a fix right now.  I’ll post a blog entry when we’ve got this fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thanks for reporting the problem.

  5. BonnieFe says:

    This problem has been fixed now.  I’ll add a new post with this information, too.

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