December 2006 SQL Server 2005 Samples Web Refresh

Ever wanted to install the SQL Server 2005 samples on Vista? If so, I recommend using the lastest sample installers at which we’ve recently updated for the December 2006 samples web refresh.  The bits that get installed are identical to the July 2006 web refresh except these installers are supported on Vista.  To run these…


PASS and SQL Samples Survey

Hello, Members of the SQL Server samples team will be at the PASS conference here is (not so sunny) Seattle this week.  We’ll be handing out some hardcopy surveys because we are very interested in getting your feedback on what we’ve done so far, and how we can do a better job for you.  If…


Samples in or out of the box?

For the next release of SQL Server we’re thinking of just shipping sample code on the web, instead of shipping on the web and also in the SQL Server box on a CD as we have done in the past.  Questions: Have you installed SQL Server Samples? Where did you install from (off the CD…


Sample Web Refresh 3 now available!

Just a quick note to let you know that the SQL Server Samples for SQL Server 2005 have just been refreshed.  This is Web Refresh 3.  You can check out the latest at  Look for a file called SQLServerDatabasesAndSamplesOverview.htm in the download page for details on the release.  About the only new sample is…


How to get started using SQL Server 2005

A question from one of my readers was, “How do I get started using SQL Server 2005”.  That is a great question.  Much of Books Online is targeted at the sophisticated developer or administrators.  Those coming from a Microsoft Access (or similar) background might find it hard to take the leap to SQL Server.  One…


Update for AdventureWorks DB for x64 platform

There was a problem with the installer for the AdventureWorks database on the x64 platform.  An error indicating the cab file had been corrupted would occur and the installation would fail.  This problem has been fixed, and you can find the updated installer by clicking through the samples download page ( 


The April 2006 Samples Refresh is Live!

Check out the April 2006 samples refresh live at! There are lots of bug fixes, plus some new samples.  The documentation in SQL Server Database and Samples Overview presents a list of the new samples and what they do, as well as documenting the existing samples.  There have been no significant database changes for the…


Start at the beginning: SQL Server Samples 101

Welcome everyone! The purpose of this blog is to chat about the samples and sample databases for Microsoft SQL Server.  I’ll be talking about some of the cool samples already shipping, and let you know about updates and new samples as time goes by.  Please participate by sending in feedback on existing samples and suggestions…