SCOM for SQL Folk on 27th May

I’m talking at the SQL Users group on “SCOM for SQL folk”. this session is based on my experiences with SCOM and working to get the product to do what we need it to do for managing SQL performance.

Often as a DBA or SQL consultant, SCOM is “forced upon” you by the operations team or corporate strategy.  Lets face it there is no way a SQL guy would pick SCOM as his number one favourite tool for managing SQL Server, when there are many rich, specialist tools just focusing on helping manage SQL Server like Quest, Idera, Red gate, etc (sorry if I missed any!).

However, like it or hate it, SCOM is here to stay from a SQL perspective. Personally I like SCOM as it allows us take an enterprise view of operations and management. EG manage all out infrastructure and application through one common platform. Not only can SCOM manage SQL but also the other service that underpin SQL such as DNS, AD, network, switches, hardware, windows and distributed applications.

I love the work the manageability team is doing in SQL (err well not as much love for DAC but that’s another story), but I wish they would show the SCOM team some more love and hand over more IP on how to manage SQL Server, rather than taking such an insular approach into building manageability into individual products.

I’m no SCOM expert by any shake of the stick, but if you are a SQL guy struggling with SCOM, or someone using SCOM and struggling to manage SQL Performance this could be a session worth coming to.

the link to register is here (its free)

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