PowerPivot RTM has arrived

I’m just back from the office 2010 roadshow. Phew four cities and six presentations on PowerPivot later back at home with a nice cup of tea and my own bed for the night 😉

A few people asked me how to get hold of the RC0 that I was using on the demo.

Well, no need – the full RTM is available to download. you will need:

1. Office 2010, available to MSDN or TechNet subscribers here


2. Powerpivot RTM available here


You can also download SharePoint 2010 too from MSDN/TechNet


The one gotcha is you won’t be able to download the SQL 2008 R2 RTM bits for few weeks.

I have no idea if the SharePoint 2010 RTM will work with the Beta of SQL 2008 r2, but I am guessing its best not to try. Probably best to wait till you can marry up the server side bits and play with the client side bits for the next few weeks…

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  1. permb says:

    The Powerpivot RTM download URL isn’t working quite yet…

    "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found"

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