Mid Way Through Ranger 03

I've just survived week 3 of the SQL Ranger Rotation 04 here in Redmond. Whats its been like: a break neck sprint through level 300-500 content on SQL nearly every aspect of SQL. Man I thought I was good on SQL Server until Paul Randal started explaining low level on Disk Structures - or Gert Drapers explained the finer points of UMS and and worker scheduling - My head hurts!!!

This must be as HARD CORE as training gets in SQL Server. We have class room sessions 8:30 till 6pm with members of the product team and heavy hitting speakers, and then go back to a hotel room ro study each night till 1am, get up at 7am, back to school, Study Group at Weekends, and Sunday is catchup. Then we sit the toughest exams I have ever seen in my life. Dont event think of getting 50% if you don't know intimately how PFS, GAM, SGAM, and IAM work togethor is, what PMM stands for, or actually get excited by learning hidden trace files, and undocumented DBCC commands.Coming here is as a so called SQL expert is like being a big fish in a small Pond and swimming into the sea. Everyones knows something you don't about SQL Server, and you begin to question what the hell you've  been doing for your life - working as a SQL professional or reading the dummys guide to SQL...This might be basic stuff for a Dev on the SQL team but for an external consultant its a stretch sometimes.

 My advice for anyone doing the programme. See those pre-requisites on the MCA:Database site? READ THEM. No don't skim through them on the weekend before the course READ THEM. A Week in and you'll be really regretting not putting the extra effort in...



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