Problems with Virtual machine Bus in Hyper-V

I’ve just about finished transferring must of the old Virtual server images to Hyper-V on some of them, the Network card was lost with the "Virtual machine Bus" not being updated in Device Manager. Effectively it had not somehow skipped HAL detection when Integration Services Installed. 1. run msconfig 2. go into Advanced Boot…


Sneak Peak of Management in SQL 2010

Dan Jones gives a sneak preview of the sexy new management features in "Kilimanjaro"due in 2010. This is very cool stuff for anyone who needs to manage and deploy enterprise application in a SQL "fabric".


Enterprise Connectivity to Oracle and Teradata for SSIS 2008

One of the biggest complaints about SSIS is the lack of performance when reading or writing to Oracle and Teradata. There isn’t much support for bulk methods that are really needed to load data quickly. The recently released SSIS connectors licensed from Attunity seem to pretty much help solve this problem. This is only available…


SQL Academy – Upgrading to SQL 2008

I’m delivery the SQL Academy session on Upgrading to SQL 2008 this Thursday (4th December) – just before Kimberly’s session at the SQL Users Group. Topics are: – Upgrading to SQL 2008 Tools and Planning. – Upgrade Scenarios: Mirroring, Clustering,  Replication, Log Shipping and Consolidation. – From DTS to SSIS: Upgrade and Redesign Issues There…


Optimising Procedural Code with Kimberly Tripp

Just in case anyone isn’t aware – Kimberly Tripp is back to Dublin this Thursday – 4th December at the SQL Users Group. The session is on optimising and scaling stored procs – details are here if you are working on a project with stored procedures this is a must. Push the SQL developers…


SQL Server BI Academy

I’ll be delivering a whole day on Business Intelligence for the SQL Server 2008 Academy in Dublin on Thurs 13th November (next week) I’m trying to squeeze about a weeks worth of content into one day, so I guarantee that no-one will go home without picking up lots of new tricks. I’ve learnt lots about…


SQL Server Goes Scale Out

In case anyone missed the acquisition: Microsoft acquired DATAllegro back in July. Press is here This means that we potentially have a customer with a 400+ TB database, and our roadmap will include scale out to a size four times bigger than oracle has ever achieved. And how will we load a database this…


Inoculation Against SQL Injection

Anyone on the database scene would have noticed a big surge in SQL Injection attacks around April this year. Developers coming cap in hand to the DBA to blame the database for a security breach and all that… Hopefully everyone knows what SQL injection is – for those of you who don’t, her’s a good…


SQL Server 2008 RTM is here

If you are a TechNet or MSDN customer (and who isn’t!), you can download the final RTM of SQL Server 2008 here Personally I am really stoked about this release – I’m going to be involved helping enterprise customer in Ireland with upgrades, migrations, data warehousing, BI and training on the new platform. This…