Remote Desktop Tip 101

If like me you use remote desktop a lot and are constantly hitting the two user limit, here's a great tip.

Add a second copy of the remote desktop to icon captioned "Remote Console" with the same path but an extra flag "/console". This will allow you to boot the console user out and work, or at least use that to boot someone else out. This has saved me buckets of phone calls.

Mental Not for Product Team - would be great if a user was logged OFF by default with remote desktop. I am sure that 99% of sessions left on remote desktop do not need to be there....

If you have an admin account another top is to use Remote Desktop Administrator from another server to connect to the packed server and reset or log of another session. Generally you'll find a user with 1 days of no activity and no processes running who can be booted, I guess you should warn them first but on most servers a days inactivity with nothing running is fair game for a help to log off in my book...

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  1. Programmerman says:

    Another good one is, if you have two (or more) monitors with the same height, /span makes the remote desktop window span all the windows.

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