IIS 7.0, and the LongHorn Application Platform


Thanks to  Dave for a great session last week - I really enjoyed the demos, especially PHP running xxx times faster on II7.0 - the new FastCGI and compression in IIS 7.0 rocks!! I wont publish the results as you have to see Daves demo to believe it...

Personally the most exciting thing about IIS 7.0 and the bit that took the longest for the penny to drop is the "Unfied Pipeline" which is core to the improvements in IIS 7.0. Here's a great site explaining IIS 7.0 improvements:

You can get the slides from our talk from Dave's blog:

One of the cool features we didn't to demo is developing dot.net plug ins to the unified pipeline. This is really imressive stuff, you can add profantity filters, custom authentication, copyright handlers on a web site regardless of whether it is dot.net or php or classic asp - nice 😉


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