JDBC: When Good Prepared Statements go Bad

I’ve been doing some performance comparisons of JDBC from Java with ADO.Net from Dot.net. One key thing that jumps out at me is JDBC tends to make more use of prepared statement, even to the point of abusing the poor thing.  I see some mid-tier manufacturer making bland claims like "Our SQL is always perfectly…


Providing Feedback on the Microsoft JDBC Driver

Thanks to everyone who was the the first Irish Java Developers Conferance (http://ijtc.firstport.ie). Hopefully there will be a repeat performance next year. Many people were surprised to see Microsoft at the event, I guess this is a sign of the times with software becoming more cross platform. Most customers I deal with tend to have a…


Remote Desktop 201 – Group Policy and auto log off

Just got this link to an article on using Group Policy to auto log off users and a whole rake of other settings – nice 😉 On something like a SQL Server I think this should be in a standard build.http://www.msterminalservices.org/articles/Managing-Terminal-Services-Group-Policy.html  


Remote Desktop Tip 101

If like me you use remote desktop a lot and are constantly hitting the two user limit, here’s a great tip. Add a second copy of the remote desktop to icon captioned “Remote Console” with the same path but an extra flag “/console”. This will allow you to boot the console user out and work, or at least…


The SQL CAT Team finds a new home

At last one of the most important blogs for those interested in VLDB has a dedicated sitehttp://sqlcat.com/Default.aspx If you are implmenting a TB plus DWH or BI solution make sure you check out this site. The Customer Advisory Team is involved in the largest and nastiest SQL Server projects around the world and has a…


Microsoft MVC Framework.

Scott Guthrie just recently announced the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Which is promises to bring similar benefits to Ruby on Rails, but looks to be mega extensible of of course be build completely on dot.net 3.5 Great video:http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/10/14/asp-net-mvc-framework.aspx Man does scott know his stuff…


Grails, Jasper and SSIS and err Meta Data Development

I’be been looking at Grails and I have to say it rocks, just off to buy the T-shirt now. I’m not sure if there is  something quite as sexy in the dot.net world yet for RAD (someone flame me if there is !). The concepts of “Dont Repeat Yourself” is something that has been causing a huge…


Fog Creek Comes to Dublin

There’s a great guest speaker coming to the IJTC (Joel Spolsky) who must be one of the most famous bloggers full stop. He wil be delivering the Key Notes for the IJTC event starting on the 8th.   Even better there a raffle for a champagne reception with Joel nat 30,000 ft over the Irish…


The Irish Java Technologies Conference

The Irish Java Technologies Conference is running in Parnell Cinemas from wed 7th Nov to Fri 9th November. There is some pretty heavy hitting speakers on all things to do with Java, and the venue is excellent – beer, snacks comfy chairs and you can maybe sneak in to a movie… http://ijtc.firstport.ie/  I am fascinated…


IIS 7.0, and the LongHorn Application Platform

Hi, Thanks to  Dave for a great session last week – I really enjoyed the demos, especially PHP running xxx times faster on II7.0 – the new FastCGI and compression in IIS 7.0 rocks!! I wont publish the results as you have to see Daves demo to believe it… Personally the most exciting thing about IIS 7.0…