Tech Ed 2012 – A 20th Anniversary Celebration. Wish you were here!

Tech Ed has been wonderful this year, a chance to meet up with old friends, make new old friends and talk about SQL Server. My session DBI410 – SQL Power Tools: Enhance Your Effectiveness with Extended Events was well attended with much interest and great questions. Thanks to those of you who attended. Please be…


The holidays are over – back to work!

I plan on releasing the next installment of The Extended Events series on Monday so watch for that. I finished up my work as the technical reviewer on William Stanek’s book Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant – the ISBN is 978-0-7356-6376-3 which will be released at the end of February.  


Power Tools: Instruction Manual

Just like any good tool man, whenever you get a new tool  The first thing you should do is to read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the general operation of the tool. During this first installment, we will do just that. As mentioned we are going to dive into the components that make…