SQL Diag Configuration Tool Version has been released

This release fixes a potentially serious bug which could produce mal-formed XML. Please get the latest version from CodePlex – http://sdct.codeplex.com If you are interested in the gory details follow along. I use a DataSet object to read the xml file by using the DataSet.ReadXml method. This makes it easy to map the hierarchical structure…


Compression Estimator V1.0.2.0 is now available

Thanks to feedback from you, I have released version of Compression Estimator. This is really a minor release. I was filtering databases in the Database drop-down list based on compatability level. this is not necessary, since even databases in 9.0 compatability level can take advantage of compression. So instead, when I list available SQL…


Compression Estimator V1.0.1.0 Now Available

Thanks to all for your feedback. Version is now released and it contains the following changes: The Connect To SQL Server dialog now supports typing in a server instance name. You can also select Browse for more to do the original network search for available SQL Servers The Connect To SQL Server dialog now…


My apologies

I had missed a checkbox on CodePlex which prevented the download from being visible. It has been corrected. boB


Now Available! A smaller, leaner database

As promised, I have released my SQL Server Compression Estimator tool to http://ssce.codeplex.com/ One of the most exciting additions to SQL Server 2008 was the capability to apply data compression. The benefits are many including reduced disk I/O and memory utilization, with a small cost of CPU overhead. In a database that may contain thousands…


Shifting to UTC time by using the datetimeoffset data type

As the world moves to a global economy, it becomes more and more important to capture time information with respect to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This format captures the date and time along with a time zone offset (offset values range from -14:00 to +14:00). Many implementations prior to SQLServer 2008 do not have that…


Coming Soon! A Smaller, Leaner Database

Watch for the announcement of the soon to be released Compression Estimator Tool. This tool will simplfy the examination of a database, and the selection of objects that would benefit the most from the application of compression techniques. I expect to release this to CodePlex by early next week… Until then!


SQL Iterators: Making the Life of a SQL Server DBA That Much Easier

       Share Many Microsoft SQL Server DBAs automate as many of their day to day processes as possible, freeing them to attend to higher impact activities. To do so, many DBAs leveraged two undocumented system stored procedures, namely sp_MSForEachDatabase and sp_MSForEachTable. The upside of using these stored procedures are tremendous. For example, in a…


The Wait is Finally Over! SQL Diag Configuration Tool released on CodePlex

The wait is finally over! The SQLDiag Configuration Tool has been released. One of the most heavily used tools in the SQL Server Premier Field Engineer’s tool belt is PSSDiag. It is maintained by Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support organization (CSS) and has a very nice configuration tool which allows a PFE to configure the…